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Mediamailing provides postal packaging mailers for all types of media products, from CD Mailers, DVD Mailers, Vinyl Record Mailers and Book Mailers. We offer a complete range of packaging solutions for online businesses. From off the shelf packaging solutions to bespoke packaging design, tailor made packaging to suit your business needs.

Mediamailing Postal Packaging

Mediamailing is a new company, established in mid 2006, spawned from from the brains of a highly experienced packaging designer, and an internet business specialist.Although the idea had been in our heads for some time, it’s taken until 2006 to realise the dream and finally get selling!

Mediamailing was born, and with it, saw the release of the Wrapro Media Mailer, our very own commercial design. Recognising the need for bespoke but versatile mailing solutions, we are targeting Ebayers, Online Shop owners, Traders and Mail order Companies.

Our Phase 1 launch sees the introduction of the following Wrapro products to the marketplace:

Wrapro CD Mailer

Wrapro DVD Mailer

Wrapro Vinyl Record Mailer

Rapidly expanding, (as we always knew it would) we are now an established company serving many clients both off and online. The multiple markets we are active in, mean we are well established in key areas of commerce.

Whilst competing on some often large scales, we endavour to serve all of our clients, as we would like to be served – With speed, attention to detail, and in the friendly manner so many of our customers often enjoy.


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