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December 14, 2006

Packaging assembly in full video

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As an addition to our PDF/Paper based assembly guides which accompany all of our outbound orders, we have been looking into furthering our customer service by launching a quick assembly video of each product we sell.

Not only does this give a real-time demonstration on the product and how it is used, it also assists people on how to make our mailers up.

We have 3 videos, in 2 formats, (we prefer the YouTube one as it saves our bandwidth!)..


Wrapro DVD Mailer


Wrapro Record Mailer



Wrapro CD Mailer

Each of our videos are available on our website, as part of promotional pages and support pages.

We also embed videos in our ebay shop listings, being predominantly new products, we are striving to educate and promote at the same time, the more information we can provide at the point of purchase, the better!


December 13, 2006

Our products hit

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Today see an exciting step forward for Mediamailing, we now have products officially for sale on

As of today, our entire range is available to buy online via the Amazon site, as site which boasts over 9 million registered users, and a wealth of visitors every day from many different portals.

Screenshot of our products on Amazon

Be sure to head on over to Amazon and check it out, at the time of us typing this blog, we are listing the second biggest selection of packaging mailers on Amazon, and we’re sure we’ll have the most come the new year (watch this space!!).

Check out Mediamailing at Amazon here

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