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November 1, 2006

Wrapro CD Mailers Launched

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Wrapro LogoWrapro CD Mailers

Mediamailing UK are proud to announce the European launch of the Wrapro CD Mailer.

With the ever increasing demand for off the shelf packaging for online mail order companies, Mediamailing have launched their own range of bespoke postal mailers.

It is the intention to bring the professional mailer to a mass market, supplied in convenient quantities without the ridiculous prices.

It is often the case that growing online businesses need to streamline order turnaround and minimize packaging inventory. With the Wrapro CD Mailer, the expanding nature of the design, caters for multiple purchase orders, without the need to purchase serveral different sizes of packaging for these eventualities.

The Wrapro CD mailer has been designed to be tough, reliable and flexible for varying needs and quick to use.

Each Wrapro CD mailer has the following features:

  • Strong corrugated cardboard construction
  • Double Strength buffered zones to protect against drops or impacts
  • Multiple item capability, without compromising strength
  • Strong self adhesive strip closure
  • Handy tear strip opening – no need for knives or scissors

Wrapro CD Mailer
Available to purchase from the Mediamailing online shop at

Direct Link: Wrapro CD Mailers

From the Shop:
“The Wrapro CD Multi Mailer is made from High Quality corrugated cardboard, and designed to give superior protection to your CDs and CDROMs in the post”

The universal design of the Wrapro CD mailer allows for 1 to 5 regular cased CDs or up to 10 slim cased CDs.

The ideal choice for the busy online or mail order music or game retailer who may often need to send more than 1 item to a customer at a time & needs a tough and reliable mailer

Features include an easy self-seal strip for secure filling, and convenient tear device for fast, easy and safe opening.

The buffered end sections provide superior protection againt drops and impacts, ensuring the contents is safe at all times.

The small and compact flat profile, is ideal for storage if space is a premium

Maximum Internal Size : 150 x 126 x 52mm

Note: Packed with 1 regular cased CD, this pack is suitable for Royal Mail “Large Letter” pricing band.

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